The Fog

When I looked out the window this morning at the fog, I wanted to stay in bed, snuggled beneath the covers, especially when the boys came through and joined us.

It’s moments like this that should be savoured, that we need to be grateful for. But sometimes we allow a fog to creep over our lives, or we just don’t realise it’s happening. We can become self-absorbed and dissatisfied when there is no place or grounds for it.

I love my wife, and I don’t tell her nearly enough. She is my everything, along with the two beautiful boys she brought into our world.

I dedicate this poem to you, Laura.

The Fog

The fog moved in so cold and thick
As we held each other tight,
No sounds could cure our solitude
As we wandered through the night.

No dream has ever been so kind
As the kiss from your sweet lips,
No heaven could ever warm my soul
Like the one your eyes possess.

The night is dark, the night is cold,
But I’ll always keep you warm,
One thing I can but give to you,
Most beautiful one of all.



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