Darren Hawbrook is a writer and musician from Lincoln, England. He had dreams of Hollywood once, during the halcyon days of 80’s action movies, and even wrote the synopses to what he imagined would be a glittering film career, including the obligatory goofball movie (Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, anyone?).

IMG_0109As Hollywood became a dim and distant dream, Darren began writing horror and science-fiction tales. The seed for the Forest Town Chronicles was planted during an NHS mail run to an actual place called Forest Town, when someone remarked that: “It sounds like a magical place where elves and fairies might live.”Darren agreed, and he imagined a whole lot worse might live there too.

Darren is married to Laura, who deserves a medal for putting up with all his crap. They have two beautiful boys, Oscar and Max. In his spare time (yeah, right!) Darren plays keys and guitar and was once in a Tarantino soundtrack inspired band. He is planning on releasing his debut novel in 2017, as well as the concluding parts to the first Forest Town Chronicles.


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