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From the Forest Town Chronicles

The Dark Risingcropped-the-dark-rising.jpg

Every town has its secrets, but are the sins of the past ever truly buried?

Jason Turlow works the night shift in the local chicken factory, his marriage at the point of breakdown. Yearning excitement in his otherwise mundane existence, Jason’s life is about to change when he chances upon a pretty young hitch-hiker on his way home from work. But is she in anyway linked to the strange lights he has been seeing in the woods? Forest Town has a dark past that is buried deep, but that which slumbers is set to rise again.

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The Great Illusory                Great llusory EBOOK_COVER

Herbert Cole has spent a lifetime making the impossible real, but there are some realities that cannot be escaped. In order for old wounds to heal, the down-and-out magician must find that true magic is not all card tricks and illusion in this short tale of loss and friendship from the Forest Town Chronicles.

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Be Sure To Close the Hatch, For That Which Follows…     eclectic-flash-sept-cover

A doomed smuggling expedition leaves one man stranded on a quarantined planet, his stricken vessel the only shelter from the terrors that lurk outside.

First published in Eclectic Flash, 2010


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 Those Killer Kodak Moments

Again, a piece for Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge.

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