Nothing Else Matters

  I'm awake, and all I hear is some twat on TV selling kitchen knives. I can’t move. I can’t open my eyes. I think I was shot last night. Or stabbed. I have the worst pain in my side, like TV twat is actually stabbing me with a paring knife. I can live with the … Continue reading Nothing Else Matters

Night’s Butterfly

I should've run, gone some place she wouldn't find me, but some lights are too bright to turn from. Even now it's hard to know who was the moth and who the flame. Without wings what are we anyway? Caterpillars? or worse, grubs...cockroaches feeding off the detritus of a society hurtling toward its end of days. I drink in this … Continue reading Night’s Butterfly

Book be a lady tonight

So, I had myself a charming lunchtime rendezvous today with a classy little thing all the way from Bavaria. Oozing charm and sophistication (even at two hundred-years old), my date was attired in a devilishly chic little black number, blurring the lines between elegance and cheapness ...well, I did pick her up for a pound in the stairwell … Continue reading Book be a lady tonight