Into the Storm

We drove into the stormbecause we belong there,beneath electric skies,where the rain hammers our skinand the wind calls to us in sighs. I wonder if only you and I feel the vibrations,because we are made from the same star,our polarities alignedand drawn together from afar. In my dreams you composewith brushstrokes of lightningthat fork black pastel … Continue reading Into the Storm


(For Mental Health Awareness Week/ Month) Sometimes the dreams lead me to this questionable reality. Sometimes not. There is no sense of being awake, or of sleep. There is just confusion. Time is littered with events real and imagined… events yet to be, or somehow those that filter into my consciousness from an alternate branch … Continue reading Fissures

Released on Amazon: Magpie in August

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Here are two of my favorite reviews:

“This book is so amazing! Well thought out and clever, it will take you on an emotional journey. I couldn’t stop reading, I finished it in one night because I couldn’t leave Magpie without knowing if she’d be okay. A brilliant first novel, I can’t wait to read Ms. Austin’s second book!”

 “Raw, honest, and emotional. Magpie in August feels so genuine, my heart bleeds and aches for the intricate characters within. Simply a masterpiece. Kindra writes with a tone that echoes poets and romantics of days long past…she is a master of her art. Bravo.”

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Five Reasons why The Thing is the best Sci-Fi Horror. Period. 

If you haven't seen John Carpenter's The Thing, then why the hell not? This film is not a just a masterpiece in suspense, fear and paranoia, it's an example of how you can really explore character. Read on to see what makes it tick. (SPOILERS AHEAD)   1. Location, Location, Location. It’s Antarctica. It’s winter. … Continue reading Five Reasons why The Thing is the best Sci-Fi Horror. Period. 

Podcast Interview – Hawk & Cleaver

Had a great time chatting with Dan and Luke from Hawk & Cleaver on their Story Studio podcast. We talked about self-publishing in general, then got into more detail with world building, linked stories and Foreverland, the latest novella from the Forest Town Chronicles. You can listen to it for free on iTunes store:   Also, … Continue reading Podcast Interview – Hawk & Cleaver

Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within

  I've been deliberating over this for a while, but I finally decided that I needed to rebrand myself to offer a stronger identity to my work. A Wilderness Within served me well in the beginning. It played to my sensibilities as a writer, an introvert who viewed the writing journey as a vast, lonely wasteland … Continue reading Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within

Weekend book give-away

Okay, to whet your appetite for my forthcoming release in The Forest Town Chronicles series, for this weekend only you can get yourself a copy of The Dark Rising and The Great Illusory for free. These books are novella length, each one a self-contained story, but one that ultimately feeds into the wider arc of the urban … Continue reading Weekend book give-away