Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within


I’ve been deliberating over this for a while, but I finally decided that I needed to rebrand myself to offer a stronger identity to my work.

A Wilderness Within served me well in the beginning. It played to my sensibilities as a writer, an introvert who viewed the writing journey as a vast, lonely wasteland of the mind. And it was a title I chose because I began out on this blog with a lot of posts centred around nature and conservation.

(I’ll still be posting to The Dodo Express, hopefully less sporadically than I have been lately.)

But I expect we’re all on here to grow as writers, to evolve. And I feel like I have found my direction now. And through this blog, writing has become less of a lonely experience.


Blurred Worlds is more representative of the fiction I write. I’ve been influenced by Philip K Dick, Stephen King, authors who stretch the boundaries of reality and who wanted to blur the margins of existence.

It is their path, and writers like them, that I hope to follow.

So welcome to my new look blog. I hope you continue to stick around.

p.s. I think I’m going to hang on to the old domain though. One of my visions was to create a regular anthology of stories/ poems/ articles by writers who care for the planet, and although it’s been pushed to the back of the queue, I still envisage following through on that.

Happy blogging people!

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