Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within

  I've been deliberating over this for a while, but I finally decided that I needed to rebrand myself to offer a stronger identity to my work. A Wilderness Within served me well in the beginning. It played to my sensibilities as a writer, an introvert who viewed the writing journey as a vast, lonely wasteland … Continue reading Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within


I think Basic Instinct made me want to be a writer…

I always enjoyed creative writing at primary school, but I think it was Basic Instinct that made we want to be a writer for real. (That kinda sounds like we regularly watched soft porn/ murder flicks at school. We didn't. It was only some of the time!) For anyone who hasn't seen the film, Catherine … Continue reading I think Basic Instinct made me want to be a writer…

First Days of School

Wow. So today I officially own a schookid. How'd that happen? Okay, bad choice of words, I know how it happened--you don't need to have that 'birds and bees talk' with me--I just can't believe how quickly it happened. After a few taster sessions to ease him into the swing of things, we dropped Oscar off for … Continue reading First Days of School

Hello unemployment…goodbye two-faced bitchiness!

I found out last Thursday that I'm going to be out of a job come January. I mean, we knew some people would be leaving (we had to interview for our jobs), but I didn't think I'd be leaving. After all, this is my second stint in the job (they'd already let me go once, after work … Continue reading Hello unemployment…goodbye two-faced bitchiness!

My writerly life according to Spaceballs the Movie

When it comes to writing, most of the time I'm like this guy... which in the business is commonly known as procrastination!!! And then when I finally get down to it, I have so many projects on the go I'm like this when I finally fire up the computer... And after combing that dessert you call your … Continue reading My writerly life according to Spaceballs the Movie

The Fast and the Gluttonous

I watched an excellent Horizon documentary on the BBC last night: Eat, Fast and Live Longer. The program tried to discover how eating habits might affect the ageing process, documenting a 101 year-old marathon runner (who has only ever eaten kiddie-size portions); the CRONie approach (calorie restriction on optimal nutrition); three-day fasting, and – more … Continue reading The Fast and the Gluttonous