First Days of School

Wow. So today I officially own a schookid. How’d that happen? Okay, bad choice of words, I know how it happened–you don’t need to have that ‘birds and bees talk’ with me–I just can’t believe how quickly it happened.

IMG_0077 (2)After a few taster sessions to ease him into the swing of things, we dropped Oscar off for his first full day at school today, one of those milestones that every parent will cherish and look back on with fondness.

It only seems like five minutes ago I was wrestling with Oscar’s baby-reins as he gave us the run-around on our first family holiday, imagining all the wonderful things we wished his journey into childhood would bring him.

And I’m glad to say his imagination is already wild and healthy. He loves to make up stories and shows. One night he came into the living room and told us his “Dance Show” was about to start and that we had to come and watch. When we went to his bedroom we found he’d even set up IMG_0055seating around his bed for the show.

And lucky Max has the pleasure of the Frog and Duck Show every bath-time (featuring the flannel-shark, no less!!!). In fact, Max was blown away so much he has taken it upon himself to become Oscar’s theatrical agent (he’s negotiating the film rights to the Frog and Duck Show with Channel 4 in this picture).

I can’t wait for Oscar to start bringing books home. In fact, a part of me wishes I could trade places with him. Just being in the school corridor again, seeing all the pictures on the walls and the colourful book covers on the shelves, triggered all manner of memories and sensations in me that must have been tucked away deep in the bottom of my mind for a very long time.

In fact, there was one particular set of books I read at school that I’d really love to get my hands on again, but sadly they went out of print years ago. Tim and the Hidden People  was full of magic and witches, invisible beings and stump people, and it left a huge imprint on my mind. I’d go as far to say the Forest Town Chronicles owes a lot to these books and I have a great deal of gratitude to the late author Sheila K McCullagh for her wonderful story-telling and imagery.

I hope Oscar is equally as inspired to explore his imagination through books, and Max when his turn comes. And I can’t wait to help read them to him.


I’d love to hear which book or books inspired you as kid? Or maybe it was a movie or TV show that whetted your creative appetites. If you’re willing to share, please leave a comment below.

13 thoughts on “First Days of School

  1. I loved Terry prachett books as a child and still do. It took me years to realize every story was a hilariously twisted parody of life and society.
    My boy Simon is almost two and he loves “dreamtime animals” by Winfred Martin. If you don’t know the book I highly recommend it

    • I haven’t read a lot of Prachett but maybe I should revisit some of his stuff as that parody would’ve been lost on me as a kid too. My youngest is 18 months but he won’t sit still and be read to yet. Will have a look out for your recommendation though.

      • “Monstrous Regiment” is a Terry Pratchett book that still makes me laugh out loud I have read it three times. I suggest that one to reacquaint yourself with his unique brand of lunacy. “Night Watch” is one of his more popular ones and also a great read. You will laugh so hard it will take you a moment to see the story beneath the humor

    • Yeh, I was in secondary school when I read one of his discworld. I had a quick search on Amazon for Dreamtime Animals but couldn’t find it.

      Incidentally, I recognise your gravatar and was sure I was following your blog, but according to WP I’m not. It’s happened with other sites I’ve followed too and I’ve assumed people had stopped writing cos I rely on the reader to keep me up to date.

      • Oh sorry dear it’s “dream animals” not dreamtime and it just came out this month
        I’m still old fashioned and subscribe through my email because I don’t spend a lot of time online and I find the WP reader a bit impersonal. I enjoy checking my email in the morning and finding all those beautiful words. When you post a poem I read it right after reading “heroic stories” which is like a good news network reporting about amazing people doing awesome things around the world. Poetry and a pick me up is a good morning

  2. To be completely honest (and a bit cliche) my first reads were the Harry Potter books. I devoured them within no time, and they taught me a bunch about myself and helped forge the person I am today 🙂

    • Hi Lily, I’m probably one of the few people in the universe that hasn’t read a Harry Potter book. But I agree, books that leave a lasting impression on you do stay with you forever and can be read over and over without losing their magic 🙂

  3. My favourite books from childhood are Stig of the Dump, Carbonel, and Charlotte’s Web. I still have my original copies and have passed them onto my little one who also started primary school this term.

    • Ah, that’s so cool you were able to hand down your own copies. I’ve been trying to find the hidden series books to read with my little one but they’re extremely rare now and not in print.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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