Into the Storm

We drove into the stormbecause we belong there,beneath electric skies,where the rain hammers our skinand the wind calls to us in sighs. I wonder if only you and I feel the vibrations,because we are made from the same star,our polarities alignedand drawn together from afar. In my dreams you composewith brushstrokes of lightningthat fork black pastel … Continue reading Into the Storm

Ode to OCD

In honour of World Mental Health Awareness Day, because so many people suffer, yet are brave enough to acknowledge they are in the fight. And because it's time I did the same. I yearn for the time there was just you.Not that I like you,have ever embraced you. Not that you’ve gone away.You never go … Continue reading Ode to OCD

Five Reasons why The Thing is the best Sci-Fi Horror. Period. 

If you haven't seen John Carpenter's The Thing, then why the hell not? This film is not a just a masterpiece in suspense, fear and paranoia, it's an example of how you can really explore character. Read on to see what makes it tick. (SPOILERS AHEAD)   1. Location, Location, Location. It’s Antarctica. It’s winter. … Continue reading Five Reasons why The Thing is the best Sci-Fi Horror. Period. 

Podcast Interview – Hawk & Cleaver

Had a great time chatting with Dan and Luke from Hawk & Cleaver on their Story Studio podcast. We talked about self-publishing in general, then got into more detail with world building, linked stories and Foreverland, the latest novella from the Forest Town Chronicles. You can listen to it for free on iTunes store:   Also, … Continue reading Podcast Interview – Hawk & Cleaver

Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within

  I've been deliberating over this for a while, but I finally decided that I needed to rebrand myself to offer a stronger identity to my work. A Wilderness Within served me well in the beginning. It played to my sensibilities as a writer, an introvert who viewed the writing journey as a vast, lonely wasteland … Continue reading Blurred Worlds…the new name for a Wilderness Within

Foreverland – Cover Reveal

Okay guys, here it is...the first look at the cover for the next instalment of the Forest Town Chronicles: Foreverland.  Due out Oct 31st. Would love your thoughts. Also....I'm looking for ARC readers to receive a pre-launch copy of the book for an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. If you're interested please leave a … Continue reading Foreverland – Cover Reveal

Five golden nuggets for writers to take-away!

In this never ending struggle to get words onto paper we have to celebrate the small wins when they happen. So...yay me,  I've finally finished that short fiction piece I was supposed to have published back in November. (Admittedly, I did have a data-loss meltdown that made me question my whole existential being and philosophy on … Continue reading Five golden nuggets for writers to take-away!

She Sells Sanctuary

She sells sanctuary, twenty-five pounds a turn in the comfort of your own car. We used to sit together in fifth-year English, drawing graffiti on the desks and throwing paper-bombs behind the teacher's back. Now she plies her trade along the broken pavements where the foundries were left to ruin, their chimney stacks ready to … Continue reading She Sells Sanctuary