Foreverland – out now

Foreverland is the third chapter of the Forest Town Chronicles. It is available on Amazon Kindle at UK store or US store



The tragic deaths of two young girls still linger in the hearts and minds of a grieving town, but only one person really knows what happened to them. Sebastian Binks has been subject to frightening psychotic episodes since he was six, the result of a childish prank that left him locked in a church cellar.

From time to time the universe speaks to him, and when it does death will come to Forest Town. Now the stars convey another name, another girl destined to join the others in Foreverland.


14 thoughts on “Foreverland – out now

    • Thanks…not sure I’ll be branching out into TV anytime soon. I have been toying with the idea of narrating an audiobook version of one of my books though 🙂

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