The curious case of the apple and the pro-Bono music giveaway extravaganza

I know I should be grateful, right? I mean, it’s not every day you’re given something for nothing – and I was one of the lucky few (hundred million) to find I had been given the gift of Bono when Apple plonked U2’s latest album into my iTunes account – but that’s far from how I feel. And before anyone points out ‘you don’t have to download it,’ I know. And, believe me, I have no intention of adding +1 to this egotistic little charade by actually downloading it.

courtesy of South Park

courtesy of South Park

It’s not merely about the music. It’s about the sanctimonious hypocrisy of it all. You see, it turns out (just like the multi-millionaire Bono proselytising for others to give money and end poverty while dodging his own taxes) this was not such a selfless act as it at first appears: U2 reportedly received about $600m from Apple for this gimmick. But that’s an entirely different argument I don’t want to get into here. *for what it’s worth, my view is that if you’re personally worth more than $10m then that money is better off someplace other than your off-shore account, especially if you want to be regarded as a humanitarian*

I guess, in effect (because I own several Apple products and make purchases through iTunes) I have in part paid for this great act of benevolence. I’m not against the gesture, I’d just have preferred it if Apple had scoured their own iTunes catalogue and promoted some of the independent artists that struggle to get their music out there and heard. It would have been cheaper too – the gift that keeps giving, with regular free compilations comprising up and coming artists who would in return receive a little financial support.

So I’m using this post to do what Apple should have done … well, the next best thing (I can’t actually afford to gift you any music) and promote some outstanding music that is available for you to purchase and not necessarily on itunes.



Feel free to promote the artists/ musicians you love in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The curious case of the apple and the pro-Bono music giveaway extravaganza

  1. I have an iTunes account, and I got squat! I hadn’t heard of this gimmick. I totally agree with you. It is hypocritical. I sorely want the big names out there truly putting their millions where it’s needed most, and a scarce few do. Or, perhaps, many do and they do it anonymously. I don’t know. I am so tired of these idiots who pretend they care about the damaged earth when they’re using the damaged earth for self-promotion.

  2. Yeah, I guess it eases the conscious slightly when they read their latest bank balance. And, yeah, I’m sure some people do a lot without us knowing, but I don’t want them to do it anonymously. People are so infatuated with ‘celebrities’ they fall over themselves to get on the bandwagon of their favourite ‘celebrity.’ They have so much more than money – they have influence.

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