Happy Halloween

For today and tomorrow you can download the The Dark Rising for free on Kindle or Kindle App, a short tale from the urban fantasy series The Forest Town Chronicles. Happy Halloween! *** Every town has its secrets, but are the sins of the past ever truly buried? Jason Turlow works the night shift in the local chicken … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Forest Town is open for business

It’s been a long hard road, but the website for the Forest Town Chronicles is finally up and the second book, The Dark Rising, is now available on Amazon. The website is a little basic at the moment, purely because after almost two years of fiddling and trying to make an unintuitive WordPress theme work, … Continue reading Forest Town is open for business

Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

Things have been going a bit slower than I'd hoped since I released the first e-book in the Forest Town Chronicles series. I guess having a full-time job and a new baby has taken it's toll, but I'm almost ready with the second instalment. In the meantime, if you're looking for something quick and seasonal to read, … Continue reading Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

The Dead Zone

*** This piece was written for Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenge: Ten Little Chapters *** The Dead Zone 1 Aislene rolled over, taking the covers with her. There was serenity in her features, a healthy glow to her cheeks. Her tousled hair caught the burgeoning sunlight, which, by degrees, wrenched us from cold night. I leaned across … Continue reading The Dead Zone