The Great Illusory

My first ebook is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle. The story is from my forthcoming Urban Fantasy series The Forest Town Chronicles, and you can find it here. The superb artwork is by Peter Campofiori who has a great portfolio here on Word Press. And I must also give great thanks for Kate Johnston at … Continue reading The Great Illusory

The Crystal Palace (Snow Kingdom part 2)

The Crystal Palace Palace of the wilderness, such marvel to behold, enraptured by the elegance of this beacon in the cold; Children of the midnight sun to whom hope forever clings, abandoned here in fractal time on flightless, palsied wings. Amidst this frosty wilderness we came upon a palace of ruined spires and sunken domes … Continue reading The Crystal Palace (Snow Kingdom part 2)

The Snow Kingdom (part 1)

The Snow Kingdom Peaks of ice-capped mountains in the distance slowly climb, long ago the winter came, gripped this land for all of time. Frozen wastelands bordered by an endless sea of ice, Serene, bewitching, guileless climes beneath cold-blooded skies.   'We wandered through this alien landscape, unaware of how we came to be here. It's cold, … Continue reading The Snow Kingdom (part 1)