The Snow Kingdom (part 1)

The Snow Kingdom

Peaks of ice-capped mountains
in the distance slowly climb,
long ago the winter came,
gripped this land for all of time.

Frozen wastelands bordered by
an endless sea of ice,
Serene, bewitching, guileless climes
beneath cold-blooded skies.


‘We wandered through this alien landscape, unaware of how we came to be here. It’s cold, suppressed contours seemed unworthy of any life, and it was wholly conceivable that we were the only inhabitants of this fringed existence – my loved one and I. The sun shone in lonely animation, and scarcely did it penetrate the dense, snow-filled clouds; yet the wind was alive, and with unremitting cruelty blew gusts of snow into a sheet of ice all around us. In the grip of this incessant cold we wandered still – in search of shelter, in search of warmth.’

 (c) Darren Hawbrook 

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