The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight

It feels like I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit lately, but other things have started to take precedence. That’s the problem for me – the creative muscle is stronger than the other components that go into being a writer: new ideas overtake older ones before they are finished.

Still, I haven’t forgotten what inspired me to start the blog in the first place (the clue is in the title), and I have no intention of letting it slip by the wayside. For one thing, I’d miss the interaction with other bloggers, many of whom have inspired me to publish my own work on these pages.

So what’s that got to do with the title of this post?

Courtesy of National Geographic

For me, creativity comes from the world around us.  We touch it; hear it;  see it in all it’s wonderful colour and vibrancy – the everchanging multiplicities that make up the tapestry of our most daring and imaginative thoughts.

Which is why reading headlines like this on my twitter feed leaves me feeling dejected and powerless:

It would be easy to condemn developing countries for allowing the degradation of these last great wilderness areas, yet when I look out my car window at the miles and miles of agricultural land, the patchwork quilt of browns that sustains little life except our own, I know we are in no position to preach. We have denuded our own hills, felled our forests, and driven to extinction our own great fauna centuries ago.

It is our blueprint that these countries are following.

With so much negativity and bad news concerning the planet’s plight, I feel that I must do what I can to try and redress the balance in some way.

But I’m not daft. I’ve realised that my little blog won’t do a lot to affect any change, nor my £3 a month sponsorship to WWF, or the £25 in raffle ticket sales I’ve managed this year.

Like any writer, I write because it is a part of me, and if I were to never earn a penny from it I would continue to do so. But of course, like other writers, I yearn for fame and fortune to provide a catalyst for my ambitions. For as long as I can remember, I’ve imagined joining dotted woodland together, restoring the balance of nature – dreamt of doing so with my own vast wealth and spreading the word with a voice that has weight to it.

So it cheers me (couldn’t resist the pun there, reference the bottom two on the list) to see people with real clout using their celebrity in good ways. If you want to see the full list visit the link here:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio – wrote, produced and narrated the eco-documentary The 11th Hour. And he also started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, in support of environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Cameron Diaz – co-authored the book The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time.
  • Darryl Hannah – supports eco causes through her blog DH Love Life and chained herself to a tree for three weeks to protest an urban farmer’s eviction.
  • Ted Danson – started his own organization to fight ocean pollution — the American Oceans Campaign
  • Woody Harrelson –  received an honorary degree from York University for his contributions to environmentalism and sustainability, and for almost 10 years ran the eco-friendly Website Voice Yourself.

It is my hope and dream that I’ll one day feature on a similar list. After all, we all need dreams. Until then, I’ll keep the blog alive and the spirit of the wilderness within me. And I’ll follow and support those that are intent on putting their celebrity to good use and hope that you will join me.

4 thoughts on “The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight

  1. Wonderful post, and I love knowing that people who are famous and wealthy are doing what they can to help the planet. I often think that if *every single* person on this entire planet picked one cause to support, then we would be making huge headway. Maybe we’d even be out of trouble.

    I get so angry when people complain that they can’t afford to give NWF or Defenders of Wildlife or any of the other hundreds of charities out there any money — and yet we spend thousands of dollars on electronics and cars and vacations to ritzy resorts.

    I love the lions, and I hope we can find a way to save them and all the other threatened/endangered species on earth.

  2. Yes, it’s good to know that people who made it to the top through hard work (rather than featuring on some reality TV show) are intent on using their status for good causes.

  3. Darren, I feel like I have really ‘seen’ you here in your words… I know you a little better… And I warm to your words and the soul inside them sending them out into the world…

    To hear your personal voice, and the pushes and pulls of emotions and thoughts in you… The yearning for recognition as a means to further your reach and scope of influence in this world… I can empathise with it all!

    Thank you, and I hope 2013 draws a you a little closer to your goals… Who knows which of us will reach the places we pursue, but at least we are on the path attempting the journey…


  4. Thank you, Amanda. I have often been amazed – and grateful – by the comments and support I have had on my posts since setting up this blog…none more than yours now!

    I wish you luck on your journey too!

    Darren 🙂

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