The Fires of Virunga

The sounds of the devil come not long after the thunder, (Out of the craters of Virunga, the fire the rains can’t dampen) new guns to wage war on paradise. His serpent uncoils in verdant Eden, Eyes of amber and heart of darkness, the beast they call the mighty Congo whose black tributaries feed these savage … Continue reading The Fires of Virunga

Invasion of the blob-type floaty thing

No, this is not a fictional piece. And it's not a review of some crappy 50's B-movie creature feature - although it is ultimately more scary. It's about the impending death of our oceans and the rise of the jellyfish, and after reading this you'll think the Creature From the Black Lagoon was about as scary … Continue reading Invasion of the blob-type floaty thing

A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!

With so much depressing news concerning the environment and man's appetite for destruction hogging the headlines we need to grab hold of every scrap of good news we can, shout it from the rooftops, unfurl the banners and run naked through the streets gleefully singing Michael Jackson's "Heal the World." Okay, maybe not that last bit. … Continue reading A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!

What if …

Read this and change the way you think about waste and the throw-away society.



What if everything we threw out of our homes had our name on it?  What if everything that we discarded had its value printed on it?  The cost of packaging?  The value of the wasted food?  If in dollar terms we could see just how much our trash bins were worth at the end of the day; in real amounts the cost of our garbage.

What would that mean?  Would we waste less?

What if we physically had to hand over how much ‘garbage’ we produced on a daily or a weekly basis to a stranger or to someone we knew.  What changes would this evoke?  Would it be embarrassing to see how much food was wasted, how many still usable items were discarded because you changed your mind, it was slightly broken or the color scheme in your kitchen/bedroom/lounge changed and a particular item no longer matched.

What if…

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The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight

It feels like I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, but other things have started to take precedence. That's the problem for me - the creative muscle is stronger than the other components that go into being a writer: new ideas overtake older ones before they are finished. Still, I haven't forgotten what inspired … Continue reading The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight

Grizzly End for the Grizzly Man

It was nine years ago today that Timothy Treadwell died in the wilds of Alaska, killed by an unbridled passion for the wilderness,  and in particular, the animal he had dedicated his life to protect. You may or may not be aware of the story of Timothy Treadwell. Indeed, you may have seen Werner Herzog’s … Continue reading Grizzly End for the Grizzly Man

The Great Plastic Inevitable

Anyone who was around in the 60's (sadly, I am too young), or knows their music and pop art, might be familiar with the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, an Andy Warhol show featuring music from the Velvet Underground alongside screenings of the artist's work. Andy Warhol was also famous for his Campbells Soup image. So, what's … Continue reading The Great Plastic Inevitable