What if …

Read this and change the way you think about waste and the throw-away society.



What if everything we threw out of our homes had our name on it?  What if everything that we discarded had its value printed on it?  The cost of packaging?  The value of the wasted food?  If in dollar terms we could see just how much our trash bins were worth at the end of the day; in real amounts the cost of our garbage.

What would that mean?  Would we waste less?

What if we physically had to hand over how much ‘garbage’ we produced on a daily or a weekly basis to a stranger or to someone we knew.  What changes would this evoke?  Would it be embarrassing to see how much food was wasted, how many still usable items were discarded because you changed your mind, it was slightly broken or the color scheme in your kitchen/bedroom/lounge changed and a particular item no longer matched.

What if…

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5 thoughts on “What if …

  1. Thanks for reblogging… I visited Plastic Ocean’s site… And thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog… I’m looking forward to reciprocating when you next post here… It appears that, like me, life is preventing you from writing too often at the moment… Good luck with whatever busy or challenging times you are in the midst of…

    • Hi Amanda, it’s good to hear from you. I’m working on a new writing project which has simply grown into a monster, and along with starting a new job and now having two bands to play in, I haven’t been able to blog at all really. In fact, it was good to catch up with other people’s blogs the other day, especially your new poems, so glad I didn’t miss them.

      I have the first short story in a series that I’m self-pubbing going through it’s final edits, as well as working on material for a supporting website that will be key to the series. I’m trying hard to be patient and not rush things even though I want to get the ball rolling. Anyway, I hope you’ll come and have a look when I finally launch. I’ll definitely post on this blog when things are ready.

      Speak soon 🙂

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