Every Cloud needs a Silver Lining

Chances are you’ve been using the cloud today, even if you didn’t know it. Yet did you ever stop to wonder how the electricity needed to power the cloud was generated? Probably, like me, you hadn’t. But then I came across a Greenpeace campaign that wants to persuade three of the biggest providers of cloud-based … Continue reading Every Cloud needs a Silver Lining

Rewild the Mind

Land of the Lost Wolves is a two-part documentary charting the reemergence of wolves in the US Cascade Mountains (if you missed it it’s available on the BBC iplayer). In part its a success story about the durability of nature and survival against the odds, yet it also serves as a reminder of the challenges … Continue reading Rewild the Mind

March Madness and April Fools

There’s a saying that we weather-obsessed Brits have: April showers bring May flowers; though I’m thinking that in light of the recent heatwave we should maybe get a new one - March Madness brings forth April Fools. For the past week or two it’s been like summer. The UK should average temperatures of 7 ºC in … Continue reading March Madness and April Fools