March Madness and April Fools

There’s a saying that we weather-obsessed Brits have: April showers bring May flowers; though I’m thinking that in light of the recent heatwave we should maybe get a new one – March Madness brings forth April Fools.

For the past week or two it’s been like summer. The UK should average temperatures of 7 ºC in March but we’ve experienced a long spell of temperatures in the high teens, culminating in a record for March of  22.9 ºC. In many parts of the country a hosepipe ban is already in place. Drought warnings are sure to follow.

So what is going on with the weather? Are we seeing incontrovertible proof of global warming? It’s not just happening in the UK; Chicago has experienced its hottest March – ever! And although we may think this climate change thing isn’t too bad a deal, especially if it means getting our summer wear out early, there is usually a flip-side to contend with (as well as the flip-flops you can’t find from the previous year!). For example, snow is predicted this coming week, in which case we’re going to see temperatures plummet from the twenties down towards freezing.

I know there are polarised opinions on global warming and climate change, and I’m not going to try and prove or disprove any of the arguments here. Though for what it’s worth, I think there’s going to be big problems with our planet if we carry on the way we’re going. And even if man-made global warming is not the issue (like I said before, I’m not getting into any of the science – I’m not qualified enough for that), does that still give us the right to drain the Earth of its resources and pillage the oceans without a care in the world?

I know that I have my own answer to that question, but I’m just one person out of seven billion. Oh, we’ll probably moan about the weather as it becomes increasingly more bizarre, but what we really should be doing is getting our heads out of the sand and starting to face up to uncomfortable questions. There will always be people fighting both sides of the argument, and if global warming is a big scam, or just not as profound as some believe, so what? It shouldn’t stop us from being a little more conscientious about the environment. Who wants to live in a world without forests, or clean water flowing through our lakes and rivers; a world with lifeless seas and barren deserts?

So you see, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, we should care for the planet, irregardless – before it’s too late. If we don’t…then surely history will show us for the fools we are.

2 thoughts on “March Madness and April Fools

  1. here in Canada we experienced similar weather pattern – Couple weeks ago we had temperatures between 20 and 27 for a good 5 days straight.. I think one day there was even a humidex of 30 – on the flip side – this past week we experienced freezing temperatures and some snow as well . Crazy!

    I certainly wouldn’t be myself without nature 😦

    • That’s extreme weather in anyone’s book! Stuff like this might just be an inconvenience to us but nature has cycles and rhythms that are finely synced.

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