Father Time

I ask for no intrusion,
give no welcome here.
The hour is late,
Or mayhaps not.

Time plays on in timbres unfathomed –
that orchestra of woe,
winding wood and brass face;
a metronomic bomb


back and forth;
tick-tock – from dawn of time,
back and forth,
through rhyme and minuet,
forth and back –
the pendulum chimes,
into oblivion

“The End is nothing to fear,”
they say –
read the scriptures, say your prayers
and virtuous death awaits.

…funny how you live your life
believing in a lie.

I see forever now,
fading into view,
crystal clear,
variant truth –

all but a breath away.

(C) Darren Hawbrook

This was another stab for Free Write Friday, which is hosted over on Kellie Elmore’s blog here. If you want to try and free your inner voice I seriously recommend you give it a go.

The prompt for the piece was “Funny how you can live your whole life believing a lie,” which I may have cheated on, if only ever so slightly.

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