Into the Storm

We drove into the stormbecause we belong there,beneath electric skies,where the rain hammers our skinand the wind calls to us in sighs. I wonder if only you and I feel the vibrations,because we are made from the same star,our polarities alignedand drawn together from afar. In my dreams you composewith brushstrokes of lightningthat fork black pastel … Continue reading Into the Storm


(For Mental Health Awareness Week/ Month) Sometimes the dreams lead me to this questionable reality. Sometimes not. There is no sense of being awake, or of sleep. There is just confusion. Time is littered with events real and imagined… events yet to be, or somehow those that filter into my consciousness from an alternate branch … Continue reading Fissures


There is no summer across the swollen sea, just the cold, distant sun-- an unfathomable loneliness between the sky and waves, a wind-blown expressway for travellers lonely, soaring, clipping currents on giant wings, no reason or rhyme for these mariners of ancient time, soaring with the grace and beauty of a million generations-- voyagers of the endless sea. (c) Darren Hawbrook *** Unfortunately, … Continue reading Albatross

Music of the Spheres

The lights first appeared on the summer solstice, hovering above the quiet moor. People clamoured to explain their existence: Scientists; witches; religious fanatics; others spoke of visitors from beyond the stars. Some issued them names, occultist monikers born in other tongues and dimensions. They shed their clothes and danced to hail the return of their … Continue reading Music of the Spheres