The Lynx Effect

Okay, this is not a post about male antiperspirant deodorant, so if you read the title and came here expecting pictures of scantily clad women throwing themselves at a guy because he sprayed Lynx deodorant all over himself **other brand deodorants are available** then turn back now... That's not what this is about... Okay...maybe just … Continue reading The Lynx Effect


Release your mind for a moment let it roam to the imagery of a distant landscape, a place where love roams wild alongside dreams. Picture a wilderness of towering pines and trees cloaked in the hues of an autumn sunset. In the ravine below a stream winds it course toward an ancient lake bed where … Continue reading Twilight

A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!

With so much depressing news concerning the environment and man's appetite for destruction hogging the headlines we need to grab hold of every scrap of good news we can, shout it from the rooftops, unfurl the banners and run naked through the streets gleefully singing Michael Jackson's "Heal the World." Okay, maybe not that last bit. … Continue reading A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!

The Crystal Palace (Snow Kingdom part 2)

The Crystal Palace Palace of the wilderness, such marvel to behold, enraptured by the elegance of this beacon in the cold; Children of the midnight sun to whom hope forever clings, abandoned here in fractal time on flightless, palsied wings. Amidst this frosty wilderness we came upon a palace of ruined spires and sunken domes … Continue reading The Crystal Palace (Snow Kingdom part 2)

The Snow Kingdom (part 1)

The Snow Kingdom Peaks of ice-capped mountains in the distance slowly climb, long ago the winter came, gripped this land for all of time. Frozen wastelands bordered by an endless sea of ice, Serene, bewitching, guileless climes beneath cold-blooded skies.   'We wandered through this alien landscape, unaware of how we came to be here. It's cold, … Continue reading The Snow Kingdom (part 1)

The Fast and the Gluttonous

I watched an excellent Horizon documentary on the BBC last night: Eat, Fast and Live Longer. The program tried to discover how eating habits might affect the ageing process, documenting a 101 year-old marathon runner (who has only ever eaten kiddie-size portions); the CRONie approach (calorie restriction on optimal nutrition); three-day fasting, and – more … Continue reading The Fast and the Gluttonous

In Search of Uranus … and Other Celestial Bodies

  I don’t profess to be an expert in astronomy. Indeed, last night was my first serious attempt at stargazing - or should I say planet gazing. My curiosity was piqued by the roll call of experts plonked on to TV sofas of every shape, size and colour - you see, the planets are aligned … Continue reading In Search of Uranus … and Other Celestial Bodies