Nothing Else Matters

  I'm awake, and all I hear is some twat on TV selling kitchen knives. I can’t move. I can’t open my eyes. I think I was shot last night. Or stabbed. I have the worst pain in my side, like TV twat is actually stabbing me with a paring knife. I can live with the … Continue reading Nothing Else Matters

Roast Beef and Armageddon 

News travelled fast about the spaceship. We weren’t used to things like this happening in Neverington. It was a Sunday afternoon in the middle of June, so at least E.T. had waited for morning service to finish. People round here still relied on their God fix. I was at my girlfriend’s house when it happened. … Continue reading Roast Beef and Armageddon 

The Dead Zone

*** This piece was written for Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenge: Ten Little Chapters *** The Dead Zone 1 Aislene rolled over, taking the covers with her. There was serenity in her features, a healthy glow to her cheeks. Her tousled hair caught the burgeoning sunlight, which, by degrees, wrenched us from cold night. I leaned across … Continue reading The Dead Zone