photo by James Calvi

They watched the sunset from a rocky cliff,

the wind rushing through their hair.

Pale reflections of the setting sun

danced upon the waves of the ocean,

so beautiful was the evening light.

They watched the sun sink without trace,

spilling its light into fathoms deep.

Folds of darkness rippled about them

like the cloak of a ghostly phantom,

So beautiful was the night.

(c) Darren Hawbrook

8 thoughts on “Sunset

    • Thanks for the nomination, Ann. You’re a very deserving winner, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive this award already, which I guess excludes me from accepting it again, but I appreciate it all the same.

  1. Amazing! I really like your writings, and my deep affection for sunsets only amplified that feeling. In fact, I have a polaroid collection of sunsets (and sunrises)… I think they’re simply magical 🙂 And so is this piece!

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