I change into the surroundings,
melt into the night –
can you feel my poison breath
upon your neck, so slight?

I am always watching you,
never knowing where I hide;
invisible – betrayed – by your design,
my blood runs cold inside.

I may reside among you,
you may be blessed to know,
that I am always watching you,
no matter where you go.

Through the many restless years
the darkness has but grown.
Look sharp, I am chameleon
of origin unknown.

(c) Darren Hawbrook

6 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. Is the poet in you being fed by the fasting regime? A moment’s inspired writing after hours of no food? Fasting has always been used by mystics and artists worldwide to strip away the outer layers of reality/illusion… Thanks for the poem, makes for a darkly tinged read… And I’d love to hear an update on your fasting programme…

    • Hi Amanda,
      This is actually an old poem I refurbished, although, I definitely think the diet and the changing attitude to my health has had a positive effect on my creative process. I seem to have found a new lease of life in a lot of projects that were in danger of stagnating and my mental agility seems to have sharpened as a result.
      I’ll post an update soon.
      Thanks for taking an interest and liking the poem 🙂

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