Into the Blue


Dear Oscar,

I wanted to make a post that will remind you of your first steps into the vast, blue yonder,

And for you to know how small we both were against the mighty ocean.

One day you’ll sail on imaginary winds,

Fight pirates with wooden sword unsheathed, hopping one-legged with your friends.

You’ll find Atlantis and sunken wrecks and sea-monsters in the deep,

Hear the siren song of mermaids and colour these worlds  in your picture-books.

You’ll travel to far-off lands in search of treasure,

Find sunsets and castles in the sky –

Build a mryiad of dreams in the sand and leave them to the mercy of the tides.

You’ll soar like an albatross or dive like a ray,

Leave the surf in your wake and wonder at the world around you.

And before our footprints are swept away by the passage of time,

Let us remember that all journeys have a beginning –

Those first hesitant steps into the vast, blue yonder.

Your loving Dad!

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