A Lame Attempt to Understand the Superbowl

Let me start out by saying my knowledge of American Football is pretty minimal. That said, I used to have one of these…


Der Bears

… but I loaned it to a girl until she dumped me and kept the hat (which, incidentally, I still want back, if you’re reading this!!!) .

There was a time in the nineties when I tried to watch the highlights show – I mean, why wouldn’t I? I had a beanie after all.  I know there was some guy called the Fridge who used to play for the Chicago Bears. And despite American Football never really taking off in England, I’ve had my fingers kicked in by some idiot trying to replicate a field goal attempt.

But ever since my American neighbour moved in across the street (a staunch Seattle fan, I might add) I’ve tried to take more of an interest – hence the reason I’m getting in on the Superbowl action and putting my two-penneth across.

Now, we can analyse and predict how a game is going to pan out, compare the opposing teams defensive and offensive records to try and offer our best verdicts to the eventual champions after two four tough halves quarters, but when you’re lacking in any kind of knowledge of the game whatsoever, it basically boils down to this…

Which one was better?


Dinasty Movie





I’m backing the SeaHawks to win by 10…despite Alexis Coleby’s shoulder pads!

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