Rainbow Bridge - Taiwan

Rainbow Bridge – Taiwan

Perhaps the light we see is not light at all.
Perhaps the glowing remnants of the city we see,
Floating on the river like forlorn souls,
Are false images bestowed upon us by the gods,
Rippling dreams that escape our humanity
To flood the oceans and breed the disenchanted wind,
For we are not brave enough to believe in their existence.

This universe of water garners answers to all our worldly questions,
It knows where we came from, knew of our silvery origin long
Before we sprouted limbs to escape it’s drowning –
A fission of ecology that split the body and soul in two
And took us from the bay of darkness into a fractured light.
Beyond this world there may be others,
A new dawn we have yet to see – evolution of life.

(c) Darren Hawbrook

4 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. This reads very differently to me than some of your other writings/poems, I love the voice, tone, depths and hidden meanings weaving in and out of it. Very captivating and moving.

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