Forest Town is open for business

It’s been a long hard road, but the website for the Forest Town Chronicles is finally up and the second book, The Dark Rising, is now available on Amazon. The website is a little basic at the moment, purely because after almost two years of fiddling and trying to make an unintuitive WordPress theme work, … Continue reading Forest Town is open for business

The Fires of Virunga

The sounds of the devil come not long after the thunder, (Out of the craters of Virunga, the fire the rains can’t dampen) new guns to wage war on paradise. His serpent uncoils in verdant Eden, Eyes of amber and heart of darkness, the beast they call the mighty Congo whose black tributaries feed these savage … Continue reading The Fires of Virunga

The Lynx Effect

Okay, this is not a post about male antiperspirant deodorant, so if you read the title and came here expecting pictures of scantily clad women throwing themselves at a guy because he sprayed Lynx deodorant all over himself **other brand deodorants are available** then turn back now... That's not what this is about... Okay...maybe just … Continue reading The Lynx Effect

Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

Things have been going a bit slower than I'd hoped since I released the first e-book in the Forest Town Chronicles series. I guess having a full-time job and a new baby has taken it's toll, but I'm almost ready with the second instalment. In the meantime, if you're looking for something quick and seasonal to read, … Continue reading Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

Invasion of the blob-type floaty thing

No, this is not a fictional piece. And it's not a review of some crappy 50's B-movie creature feature - although it is ultimately more scary. It's about the impending death of our oceans and the rise of the jellyfish, and after reading this you'll think the Creature From the Black Lagoon was about as scary … Continue reading Invasion of the blob-type floaty thing

Band Aid #30… Do they know it’s time for some more shameless self-aggrandisement?

Well, they're at it again...Bob Geldof and his emmisaries of altruism, riding in on their chargers to save Africa with a carefully exploited release of Do They Know It's Christmas. Before I go on, let me add the disclaimer now: I'm not against charity; I'm not against promoting good causes; hell, I'm not even against … Continue reading Band Aid #30… Do they know it’s time for some more shameless self-aggrandisement?

A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!

With so much depressing news concerning the environment and man's appetite for destruction hogging the headlines we need to grab hold of every scrap of good news we can, shout it from the rooftops, unfurl the banners and run naked through the streets gleefully singing Michael Jackson's "Heal the World." Okay, maybe not that last bit. … Continue reading A Drop in the Ocean…but it’s a start!