Those Killer Kodak Moments

The following is a short piece inspired by Chuck Wendig's challenge over on his blog: Terrible Minds. The task was simple - write a piece of flash fiction centred on two things that were to be randomly chosen from Chuck's prompt. The two things I had to include in the piece were: 1) A mysterious … Continue reading Those Killer Kodak Moments

The Great Illusory

My first ebook is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle. The story is from my forthcoming Urban Fantasy series The Forest Town Chronicles, and you can find it here. The superb artwork is by Peter Campofiori who has a great portfolio here on Word Press. And I must also give great thanks for Kate Johnston at … Continue reading The Great Illusory

The Lie-in, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

A random piece inspired by a generally messed up weather situation.   I shivered beneath the covers, aware of the horned fellow with cloven hooves beside my bed. "Make it quick, foul demon..." I said, defiantly. "If it is to hell you wish to take me." The strange, little creature laughed. "I'm not the devil." … Continue reading The Lie-in, the Witch, and the Wardrobe