New Year Rebootenanny

Apparently it’s a new year, but having succumbed to a seasonal bout of man-flu it kind of passed me by. However, in the spirit of newness and all things shiny, I’ve decided to pep-up my blog rather than consign it to the bottom of the cupboard with the neon spandex and lava lamps (and all those Christmas presents we thought fun at the time but won’t ever see the light of day again).

And as I looked to Hollywood with the question: “What do they do when things go stale?” (All my blog’s missing is the home-grown penicillin!) I came up with the answer:



So as well as a new look, I thought it was time to throw caution to the wind, get out the comfort zone, go experimental… and any other number of clichés you care to shake a stick at. I mean, a blog’s supposed to be about writing isn’t it, trying to find your voice, exploring the inner workings of your mind.

Which is why 2014 is to be the year of spontaneity for me, and of letting the muse free. So far it’s uncovered an incredibly bad, green mullet… but who knows what other wonders I might find kicking about in that empty old head of mine. *Hmmm, maybe the missing pilot for the Doctor Who/ Star Trek crossover is in there, the one where Tom Baker mistakes a portaloo for the Tardis and finds himself surrounded by cling-ons!*

So hurry back for some more craziness (potentially). Lou Ferrigno wants you to… and you don’t want to make him mad!!!