Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

Things have been going a bit slower than I’d hoped since I released the first e-book in the Forest Town Chronicles series. I guess having a full-time job and a new baby has taken it’s toll, but I’m almost ready with the second instalment.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something quick and seasonal to read, check out The Great Illusory, which provides an introduction to Forest Town and one of the characters who will figure prominently throughout the series. It’s available on Amazon for Kindle and costs less than a cup of coffee (and can probably be read by the time you drink one).

I love the idea of the old chapbooks, and I believe modern media provides the perfect vehicle for short serial works. My vision for the Chronicles is for each instalment to standalone as a complete story, while adding to the mythos of the setting and the supernatural forces at work there. I also want to find great artwork to accompany the series and have been lucky enough to get hold of two such pieces.

The Dark Rising will be available on Kindle in January. Please check out the talented work of Joonas Paloheimo who allowed me the rights to his wonderful piece Lifted.


The Dark Rising


And also, Peter Campofiori  who generously allowed me the use of his awesome artwork for the Great Illusory.


Great llusory EBOOK_COVER



10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – The Dark Rising

    • Peter, I was just thinking I’d not seen any posts by you for ages, so when I visited your site to get the link it said I wasn’t following – not sure how that happened? So seems like I’ve been missing out on all the great art you’ve been posting.

      The first book is available on Kindle now, the one with your cover art.

    • I hope the writing lives up to the artwork, Elena! Would love to use some of your work in the future as I think it’d be a nice fit.

      By the way, I finally got around to listening to your son’s music on bandcamp and was really impressed. He has a very distinct and unique sound. Has he considered self-publishing his albums on iTunes?

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