The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight

It feels like I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, but other things have started to take precedence. That's the problem for me - the creative muscle is stronger than the other components that go into being a writer: new ideas overtake older ones before they are finished. Still, I haven't forgotten what inspired … Continue reading The Lion Sleeps (less soundly) Tonight


Grizzly End for the Grizzly Man

It was nine years ago today that Timothy Treadwell died in the wilds of Alaska, killed by an unbridled passion for the wilderness,  and in particular, the animal he had dedicated his life to protect. You may or may not be aware of the story of Timothy Treadwell. Indeed, you may have seen Werner Herzog’s … Continue reading Grizzly End for the Grizzly Man

The Great Plastic Inevitable

Anyone who was around in the 60's (sadly, I am too young), or knows their music and pop art, might be familiar with the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, an Andy Warhol show featuring music from the Velvet Underground alongside screenings of the artist's work. Andy Warhol was also famous for his Campbells Soup image. So, what's … Continue reading The Great Plastic Inevitable

March Madness and April Fools

There’s a saying that we weather-obsessed Brits have: April showers bring May flowers; though I’m thinking that in light of the recent heatwave we should maybe get a new one - March Madness brings forth April Fools. For the past week or two it’s been like summer. The UK should average temperatures of 7 ºC in … Continue reading March Madness and April Fools